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How spoof mails?

how to spoof email

James sends a spoof email to Lisa as David's email, because he is very shy.

From: 13:37 PM

Hi Lisa, I’m in love with you! Love David

Lisa reads the spoofed mail and is happy.

RE: 14:15 PM

:) Let’s meet for a coffee or something?

How does it work to spoof an email message? enable what plenty dreamed of. With our service you are able to send spoofed email messages via internet, but also the possibility is given to describe yourself as someone else, without noticing by anybody else. The person, who’ll get the spoof email, isn’t able to distinguish between an imitated mail and a real one.

About Spoof Mails

With spoof emails we would like to point out at all grievances that are made in the transmission of email-messages. How often did it happen, that mails with corresponding content were the trigger for problems like controversy, break-ups, divorce and so on?


Spoof E-Mails offers the chance to create email-messages online with a self-selected addressors. The email show's the spoofed sender.

Why Spoof E-Mails

We want to show how simple it can be to imitate a email of someone else. Be careful when you receive a mail, that can cause a lot of misunderstandings. There’s always the possibility of a third person with malicious thoughts.

How to start spoofing?

In order to spoof mails you need codes. These can be bought on our website, very easily in a few minutes. Please enter a valid e-mail address and password. You will get them as email. With your selected password, you can get your codes directly over our site, too. If you have a valid one you can start to spoof mails - worldwide.

Spoof Text Message?

With your bought codes you can also spoof text message. Just visit our site


This page or this feature has no misuse of such spoofed emails, but would like to hereby reconnaissance. We expressly distance ourselves from all the entries, content to be made by users themselves even for testing purposes. Everbody who uses our service is responsible by himself for all resulting damages.