How does it work to spoof a email message? enable what plenty dreamed of.

With our service you are able to send spoof email messages via internet, but also the possibility is given to describe yourself as someone else, without noticing by anybody else

The person, who’ll get the message, isn’t able to distinguish between an imitated message and a real one.

About would like to point out at all grievances that are made in the transmission of email-messages. How often did it happen, that messages with corresponding content were the trigger for problems like controversy, break-ups, divorce and so on?

What’s offers the chance to create email-messages online with self-selected of addressors. The email that was sent is going to show the entered addressor of the recipient.

What’s that in aid of?

We want to show how simple it can be to imitate a email-message of someone else. Be careful when you are the one receiving a message that can cause a lot of misunderstandings. There’s always the possibility of a third person with malicious thoughts.

How does it work?

Request code – name your email-address – choose favored payment method and complete payment. When cashed, the valid code will be send to the stated email-address. After receiving code, click on the button “spoof email” – name of the addressor – name of the recipient – write down your code and email-message. Enter displayed safety code – check out the AGB’s and if you agree, accept. Push again the button with “send email” and that’s it.

In detail

The addresser can be any name or email. There’s no limit. The email should normally been send to your recipient in a few seconds.


Currently, 10 messages cost 6 euros. No hidden charges, no subscription and no registration necessary.

Spoof Text Messages

With your owned codes you can also spoof text message. Just visit our site


This site or rather this function is not serving the improper use of email-messages, but wants to clarify. We dissociate explicitly from every entry and content, which were made to test purposes.